Calculating the Bike GST for all Australian road users

The Bureau of Statistics (BIS) has released a handy calculator for the Australian road user, giving a breakdown of the GST on each vehicle, motorbike, and cycle in Australia.

The BIS has released the BikeGST calculator as part of a “bicycle fuel efficiency calculator” to help road users determine the best fuel efficiency for their journeys.

The calculator is designed to help drivers and cyclists determine the right amount of gas, oil, and other fuel to burn to run a vehicle.

It provides a simple and accurate method for calculating the amount of fuel they need to run their vehicles, whether it’s to drive home, cycle, or go on a run.

The calculator will work out how much gas, petrol, and diesel they need in order to get the right mix of speed, fuel efficiency, and cost of living.

It also shows how much electricity, heating, and water they need for the cycle, and how much to charge the battery when not on the road.

The bike gst is the amount per kilometre of road they use.

The calculator calculates the gas, fuel, and electricity costs for a vehicle using a “gas/electricity cost” formula.

The formula is based on the average gas price of a specific price group, and the cost of electricity to run the vehicle.

There is a cost of gas for each vehicle on the roads in Australia, and an average gas cost for a cycle.

A typical vehicle would require the average cost of petrol and diesel, and a cost per kilometer of road (kWh).

For a cycle, the average price for gas would be the cost per mile, and then the electricity costs, then the cost for the battery.

The cost per kilometre of roads and cycles can be calculated using the formula: cost per km of road = cost of diesel = cost per kWh of battery.

For a vehicle, the cheapest gas and electricity would be at the end of the road and the cheapest petrol would be in the middle.

For cycle fuel efficiency (CEF), the cost is the average fuel price per kilomete and the total cost per unit of fuel.

For the battery, the cost would be energy costs divided by the cost to charge.

The calculations are based on average petrol prices in each market and are updated daily.

For the calculator to work, it needs to be updated on a daily basis.

The current update is at 11:00am, with a new update at 4:00pm each day.

The latest update is available here: BIS Cycling Calculator BikeGST Calculator | Calculator | Bike Gas Efficiency Calculator | BIS | Road user calculator

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