How much does an NRL season cost? – CricInfo

The NRL has been in the headlines again this week after it was revealed that the NRL’s salary cap is currently $18.3 million, which equates to about £16.7m per player.

The figure has been around since 2015 when the NRL introduced a salary cap, meaning a player’s salary is only considered part of their NRL salary cap if the player is not on a salary rise.

Since then, the NRL has added a further $4.9 million in salary cap money into the equation each year, with the cap now sitting at $30.8m.

The average NRL player’s NRL salary is $9.7 million, and that is up from around $7.7million in the last three years.

However, the salary cap has been a source of frustration for players.

Players have been calling for the salary structure to be changed to allow players to make a larger contribution to their team’s salary bill, or for clubs to take a bigger slice of the money they pay to players.

Rugby league clubs are currently the biggest spenders in the game, with a record $13.5 billion in total spending in 2015.

According to figures from the AFL, NRL clubs spent $4,865,000 in 2015-16.

This was up from $3,933,000 last year, and is the highest spending on a NRL club since the merger.

The AFL said the average NRL club is now spending $1.5 million per season on players, with teams spending $639,000 per season.

According the AFL’s 2016-17 Financial Plan, clubs spend $1,836,000 on players in 2017-18, an increase of $1 million from 2016-16, while the average club spend is $1bn per season for the next three years, up from about $872m last year.

However the AFL said there was a “tipping point” at which clubs would not be able to continue to fund their teams, and they will now need to increase player contributions to ensure their players are able to be paid.

While the AFL is the biggest player in the NRL, the NFL and NRL have their own salary cap figures, with both leagues operating under the $30 million cap.

The NRL is a free-to-air league that has a television deal with Fox, with its games broadcast on Fox Sports 1, the network’s pay TV service.

The NFL also has a TV deal with CBS, but its games are broadcast on ESPN, a cable television channel.

Rivalry season kicks off on Friday night.

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