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Net Amount Rs.1000.00
GST Amount Rs.50.00 @ 5%
Gross Amount Rs.1050.00
Check out India e- GST Calculator in a simple way. You can calculate online Goods & Service Tax according to Indian GST Slabs i.e. 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%. GST Calculator is an important tool to calculate fast calculation on difficult goods and service items. GST which is well known as Good & Service Tax. The GST was applied from 01st July 2017. After GST implementation, people want to know about GST and its procedure. GST will replace indirect tax in India. The main motto of GST is removed curbing ‘double-taxation’ and irregularities regarding the same. The government has made four GST slabs or tax rates according to product and service type i.e. 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. India Central Government has passed four bills on 29 March 2017.

GST Calculator in India - Online e-GST Calculation

Note - We will provide GST Calculator Very soon. You can check out a demo example of GST calculation. In this table, we are comparing tax value in between GST and VAT (Value Added Tax). It is very common and general example of GST impact. It is including all GST taxes i.e. SGST and CGST. Example - We are taking the cost of production is 50,000/- INR with 12.5% VAT and 2% CST. The final cost is 1,06,127 under VAT. However same product with 12% IGST (SGST+CGST), it will 93,498. So here due to GST, the final price is reducing.
Rates VAT based Calculation (in INR) GST Based Calculation (in INR)
Value to the Manufacturer
Cost of Production 50,000 50,000
Addition of 10% Profit Margin 5000 5000
12% Excise Duty 6600 -
Total Cost of the Production 61600 55000
Addition of 12.5% VAT 7700 -
Addition of 6% SGST - 3300
Addition of 6% of CGST - 3300
Invoice Value for the manufacturer 69,300 61,600
Value to the wholesaler
Cost of products 69,300 61,600
Addition of profit margin @10% 6930 6160
Total Value 76,230 67,760
Addition of 12.5% VAT 9529 -
Addition of 6% SGST - 4065.5
Addition of 6% CGST - 4065.5
Invoice value to the wholesaler 85759 75891
Value to Retailer
Cost of products 85759 75891
Addition of profit margin @10% 8576 7589
Total Value 94335 83480
Addition of 12.5% VAT 11,792 -
Addition of 6% SGST - 5009
Addition of 6% CGST - 5009
Invoice value to the wholesaler 1,06,127 93,498

SGST & CGST Calculator - Online Free State & Central GST Calculator

Where government has set implementation deadline for GST i.e. 01 July 2017. If you are a trader and have more than 20 lakh turnover then you should be applied for GSTIN number. In a single invoice, there will four items i.e. SGST, CGST, HSN Number, IGST. After GST implementation, many products and services are cheaper compared to previous VAT and indirect tax system. Somer other products and services would be costly and increase your daily life expensive. However, GST could be complicated for computer illiterate traders. Because it will require an online interface to upload invoices on GST portal i.e. But State and Central governments will provide GST Suvidha Kendra to solve traders and common man problems. To understand basic GTS structure, you should know about GST components. GST has two components i.e. SGST and CGST. The tax which is levied by the state government will be called SGST. However, CGST is central government tax. You can calculate SGST and CGST via e-GST calculator. Thank you for the visit. Please share on social media i.e. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and WhatsApp etc. Your social share will support us and provide confidence.
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